Hard floor cleaning in Manchester

Don’t lose hope with your tired old floor just yet, let us restore it and save you the cost of replacing it! Hard floor cleaning in Manchester is suitable for hardwood, slate and stone, and vinyl types of flooring.

What is it we do

The service comes with a number of benefits, here’s just a small selection of them:

  • Usage of natural ingredients including citrus and pine oils;
  • Prochem industry leader’s equipment;
  • Working utilising pet- and child-friendly solutions;

What surfaces we can restore

Wood – depending on the condition and what finish has been applied on the surface, the technicians will perform:

Buffing and surface cleaning – if seal is in good condition and there are only signs of surface soiling.
Sanding and re-sealing may be required if seal looks worn out and dirt penetrates into the wood.
Slate and stone – they may look solid but they also require special care. Dirt and bacteria can make their way into the material before the surface soiling has even shown.

The surface is treated using emulsification, heat and pressured cleaning technology. It is then sealed with impregnation protector.
Vinyl – often seen in commercial buildings, these floors have to be spotless and efficient. The technicians will:

Eliminate soiling and dirt using emulsification, heat and low-pressurized cleaning, and then extract all the dirt.
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What Clever Cleaning Services does – step by step

Let us guide you through the steps which the vetted, insured and certified professionals follow while performing a hard floor cleaning in Manchester:

Assessing the type of surface in order to use proper solutions and techniques.
Moving all furniture that is needed. We advise to have the area which requires treatment cleared before technicians’ arrival but they can help if needed.
Vacuuming and removing dust, dirt, and other debris in order to prepare the surface.
Testing a small area with the most appropriate solution, then spraying the rest.
Drying the surface which takes up to 2 hours on average.
Applying a protection layer only if the surface requires it: seal, polish, wax

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